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Welcome to Hidden Treasures.
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If you enjoy Contemporary Artwork,
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I'd like to give a very special thank you to Beverly at Moon and Back Graphics for all her wonderful talents and her generousity in sharing it with those of us who are not as gifted.

Please do enjoy your visit and as always, your comments or suggestions are always most welcome.
God Bless You,

Where your heart is,
There also is your Treasure.

Welcome to my home
This path will always lead
To all that is a part of me
Sweet memories retrieved

Beauty that surrounds me
Within these walls so blessed
Filled with gentle echoes
Of all life's special guests

Children running in the halls
Laughter everywhere
Sometimes when I close my eyes
Sweet visions will appear

Tears were shed in life too
So softly they're caressed
Heart was filled with sorrow
Things you can't forget

Pictures hung on special walls
With memories combined
Will be a part of all this love
This house of love did bind

Stroll into my parlor
Rest your weary soul
Feel the gentle spirits here
With love that will console.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
2000, used with permission


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The painting used for this set is J. C. Behlen, Jr. and used WITH his permission.
It is entitled "Francine's Path To Bev's House" from the series entitled
Francine's Garden.